Have you grown weary of the demands of consumerist culture? Are you ready to live a simpler, less expensive, minimalist life?

If you are ready to bring this kind of change to your lifestyle, here are three experiments that you can undertake to start reshaping your life. Read on!

The 100 Thing Challenge

Can you possibly limit the things you own to a hundred items or less? This is the concept behind Dave Bruno’s challenge that can help pave the way for you to live a more sustainable existence.

This deliberate trimming down urges you to think long and hard about what really matters to you, and in the process, ““free yourself from your stuff.”

This challenge’s premise lies in these three ideologies:

• Reduce (some stuff)
• Refuse (more new stuff)
• Rejigger (life priorities)

Use this challenge as the first step of your journey to simple living. You can choose to leave items like tools, books, and things you share with your family members out of the final list of hundred, and count each collection as a single item.

Project 333

What would happen if you were allowed to only have 33 items in your wardrobe? Would that be enough? If you thought this challenge applied to only women, think again!

This challenge entails you to allocate 33 items and less for every season. At the start of the next season, you are allowed to change some pieces with ones more apt for the season.

This challenge is not meant to be an exercise in deprivation. Rather, it encourages you free up more of your time, usually allotted to deciding on what to wear. The bottom line? Buy less, buy well and dress smart.

Tiny House Living

If the sound of living in a low-maintenance yet cosy space is appealing to you, then “Tiny House Living” is right for you.

Started by Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith, their 128-square-foot mobile home is proof of their commitment to weed out the unnecessary things from their life.

This project also forces you to confront the deep-seated impact of cultural expectations on your life choices. You should ask yourself:

• Are you really happy with your life right now?
• Do you want to make space in your life for more of what matters to you?
• Are you ready to step off the beaten track to pursue something close to your heart?

While Tiny House Living may not have the answer to these questions, it is a great way to get you on the path to finding the answers. If you do decide to take up a similar endeavour, there are plenty of online resources to help you get started.

Managing your finances in today’s landscape can be a tricky task. But fortunately, we have some tips that just might be of help.

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