If you’re keen on tucking away some money for that rainy day, here’s a tip from super saving woman, Marie Campagna Franklin, the maker of the blog “Save Money Fast With Fives.”

And she goes: Never spend a $5 note. And she says never, she means it. Not today, nor tomorrow or ever again. You’re going to take that $5 note and save it. And in 12 years time, you just might come to realise that you have already saved up a whopping $36,000.

But that’s not all; here are some more helpful tips that Marie has shared on her blog:

Use cash instead of your card

Yes, it may entail some use of your legs on trips to the ATM machine but it would make you more conscious of what you’re actually using your hard-earned money on.

So whether it’s gasoline, groceries or lunch, use cash as this would also give you a chance to practice the aforementioned habit of not spending $5 notes.

And the crucial part of this plan is actually sticking to it. This is supposedly a plan for a lifetime and not just a fair weather one. You need to be committed to the practice in order to be able to reap the complete benefits later on.

You mustn’t start splurging your fives on a jumbo pack of Butter Menthols because you have a scratchy throat. It just doesn’t work that way.

“As with anything else in life, you are in charge of how things turn out. You’re the producer, director, and star of your own show. With money, or anything else, I say, go for the Oscar, aim for the stars. High fives!” shared Marie.

Try saving loose change

Marie added that aside from saving the $5 note, you may also set aside loose change just to give your savings an added boost.

“Singles are a great reminder that a lot of our daily impulse purchases (a candy bar, a can of soda, a bottle of water) are unnecessary when you have to peel off several singles to pay for them,” she explained.

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