With trash and pollution putting the environment in dire shape each day, we should all strive to do whatever it is we can to help the planet get back in shape. Going green would not also just help the environment but you could possibly benefit as well, gaining much-needed savings along the way.

Here are five easy-to-do things that you can start practicing today:

Put in a programmable thermostat.

This device lets you program your heat or AC to turn right on before you get home, and turn back down when you are either away from home or asleep. This can help save money on your utility bills, saving energy and lessening pollution.

Clean your fridge coils.

This may not mean much but you have to ask yourself: are you cleaning the back or underside of your fridge? All that dirt and dust might make it work harder than it needs to to be able to function at an efficient rate.

Turn off your computer and monitor when you are not using them.

There is very little reason to leave your computer on overnight. So unless your company backs up computers at night on a network, you should really just turn it off. The same goes for your computers at home.

Start working on your own organic garden.

Work on that green thumb with something easy such as lettuce or tomatoes and start working on the more complex ones.

Make the most of your commute.

Make the most out of public transportation, carpooling or even bicycling when you’re on your way to work or out on errands. When possible, stack up your errands and complete them in one go so you can reduce the number of car trips. This would save you gas and wear and tear on your car, and aid in the improvement of the air quality in your locale.

Managing your finances in today’s landscape can be a tricky task. But fortunately, we have some tips that just might be of help.

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