Financial Planners

A Financial Planner is a professional that looks over all of your finances, your pay and your expenses to help you achieve specific goals.

Just as you would hire a personal trainer to whip your body into shape, a financial planner is like a personal coach to whip your money into shape.

A financial planner can create a financial plan that will help you in various stages of your life. They can also teach you about the decisions you make with your money, and how it could affect your life.

If you’re struggling with debt, a financial planner can assess your current living expenses and what you make regularly, and work out how you can free yourself from debt over a period of time.

If you’re looking at buying a house, or car, or even a holiday, a financial planner can outline just how you can achieve it based on your current financial situation.

Alternatively, if you’re planning on growing your family, but unsure how you would financially support any new arrivals, the financial planner will help you see what your options are.

Having a good relationship with a financial planner can help you achieve stability with your money over the course of your life. They can help with:

  • Creating a budget you can stick to and still live your life well;
  • Managing current debt, and any future debt you plan;
  • Managing your taxes, as well as suggesting where your tax returns are best used;
  • Investing in a house;
  • Managing your superannuation;
  • Managing your Centrelink payments.

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