With the Australian Government’s new tax relief measures passing the Lower & Upper House, its time to make the most of it! The current coalition government seems very mindful of low income earners in Australia, with its recent low income pensioner program launched this year.

Ok so if you earn a low income, chances are you have a good tax return now coming. It’s good first to be able to know what you are going to do with your tax return savings. If you have a plan you will end up using your tax return money wisely. Ok, now that’s said, read on as to how you can claim your big refund being a low income earner.

Why are Low Income Earners Getting a Refund?

The Coalition government’s huge $158 million total tax cuts package was passed through the Senate with full support from all parties. It means those earning between $48,000 and $90,000 will be gifted an offset of up to $1080. Which means the earlier you do your annual personal tax return this year, the better!

Help With Your Annual Tax Return

So, what’s the fastest way you can get your increased tax return? Lodge it! If you are familiar with doing your own tax return you can lodge it online immediately. Otherwise consider using a local trusted accountant who offers fixed fee returns. Local companies like ITP Accountants and H&R Block are two example local accountant specialists.

Happy spending (or ideally saving) of your tax refund!

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