Did you receive a particular present that you really did not want? Instead of just stuffing them inside your closet, turn that into something that you can actually put to use.

There are many ways to accomplish this. Read on as we tackle the them all:

1. Return them back to the shop

A lot of shops now provide gift receipts with present purchases. They don’t display how much the present cost, but do give you the opportunity to return them and exchange them for something similar in value.

Do take note that there’s a time duration to these things, which can be seen on the receipt or the shop’s website. If you don’t have the receipt or have lost it somehow, some shops would, as a gesture of good faith, still agree to exchange the item.

You do need to make sure that the item you are returning is in pristine condition in order for it to be eligible to be returned.

2. Sell them on eBay

If you are looking for a platform to sell your item from, eBay is your answer.

Chances are, if you have ever felt the need to flog something online, eBay is your first port of call.

Not only is it free to register with the site, it has an average of more than 14 million auctions going on at any single time. So if you want to reach a people with whatever it is you’re selling, eBay is the place to be.

You can list up to 20 items a month at no added cost. However, you’ll have to dole over 10% of the winning bid to eBay. And if you want additional features to help promote your item, such as photos or scheduling exactly when your product will be available for bids, then that will cost you as well.

There are also other similar alternatives such as eBid.

While smaller in scale compared to eBay, there is still a healthy level of activity. Your items are also less likely to disappear amid other people’s auctions as well. However, it’s the fee side where eBid sets itself apart.

It’s absolutely free to list your item, no matter how much it is being auctioned off for. Then, it only costs you 3% of what you receive from your buyer.

3. Shipping out your presents on Amazon

You can also try selling your items on the Amazon Marketplace site.

If you’re planning to sell fewer than 35 items a month, you won’t pay a dime for the listings. You will however be charged with a closing fee when you sell. If you want to sell more items, there is also a subscription fee. There are also referral fees and variable closing fees on top of the fixed closing fee to take into account. You can find out what the complete list of fees are on the Amazon website.

4. Going for Gumtree

Gumtree is also another option to consider.

Gumtree is an online classified website that covers around 60 different cities all over the world.

It’s free to list an item. You will however, need to meet with the buyer and perform the exchange in person. Gumtree has a guide on its website to help you do this safely and efficiently.

Another listing site worth examining is Preloved. You can sell items absolutely free with no listing or selling fees to worry about.

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