It’s time to move, and you are already drowning in in boxes and packing tape. You’re moving on a budget, and it’s crucial to save time and money and lessen stress along the way. To help you out, here are moving tips for a safe, easy and best of all, cheap move on a budget.

1. Let go of used electronics

It’s time to let go of your outdated electronics such as that last generation iPhone that you still have or those tablets and computers that are just lying around under your bed. Those can still actually net you a fair amount of money so be smart about what you keep and what to sell.

2. Choose to use pre-used packing boxes

This is a fair and environmentally sound strategy. Some removalist firms actually allows you to hire used packing boxes. You just pay them upfront and if you take them back without writing anything on them, they will refund part of the cost!

3. Prepare yourself!

A removalist’s time is money so it would be on your best interest to have everything dismantled, packed and properly labelled when they arrive. You sure don’t want them waiting around while you finish packing.

4. DIY with some help from friends

Get a group of friends to help you out by moving things out slowly. You can make do with a few trips in your own car and with your friends’ vehicles and you can hire a smaller removalist truck to move your huge things. You can fill your own car with more smaller items and let the removalist take care of the rest.

5. Consider your car

If you’re moving across state lines, carefully consider the expense of selling your vehicle, the petrol costs of driving it to your new place or the shipping expense.

6. Try to negotiate fees

If you already know that you might move in less than a year or two, there’s a chance that you might be able to negotiate exit and reconnection fees with your utility provider – if you remain with the same one. You can get the utility companies to give their consent to this when you enter into a contract with them.

7. Consider car sharing

Consider this scheme that is being offered by the likes of GoGet. These companies hire not only cars, but also vans and trucks which you can pay by the hour.

Moving can be a bane on your pocket. Managing your finances in today’s landscape can be a tricky task. But fortunately, we have some tips that just might be of help.

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